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CV Protection
Blue nitrile gloves - Aachen
Blue nitrile gloves – Aachen
disposable nitrile glove
Nitrile gloves – Aachenfeel
Latex gloves - Aachengrip
AachenGrip – extra strong latex gloves
Polyethylene plastic gloves
Polyethylene plastic gloves – Aachen
Long plastic gloves for veterinaries
Long plastic gloves for veterinaries – Aachen
Nitrile sterile examination gloves - Nugard
Nitrile sterile examination gloves – Nugard
Foot cover
Zip bags
Bag with adhesive flap
Bags with adhesive flap
Bouffant cap
Bouffant cap
Women´s panties
Women´s G-string
Women´s G-string
Men´s G-String
Men´s G-String
Men´s briefs
Men’s slip
Boxer short
CPE Plastic shoe cover
CPE Plastic shoe cover
Pillow covers
Pillow covers
Cap with mask
Cap with mask
Surgical cap
Surgeon cap
Peak cap
Shower cap
Gorro barco Cocinero
Beard covers
Beard cover
Dust mask
3-Pli Mask
Simple 1-ply mask
1-ply paper mask
Hair band
Elastic band
Anti-slip shoe cover
PP+CPE shoe cover
gloves- aachenprotec
AachenProtec – extra strong nitrile gloves
latex gloves
Latex gloves- Aachen
Pressotherapy trousers
Closed trousers
Vinyl gloves
Vinyl gloves – Aachen
Swet overalls
PE overalls
Synthetic surgical gloves FUSIONE
Synthetic surgical gloves – Fusione
Synthetic vinyl gloves Aachen
Synthetic vinyl gloves – Aachen
Latex surgical gloves MAXITEX
Latex surgical gloves – Maxitex
Latex surgical gloves SENSIFLEX
Latex surgical gloves – Sensiflex
Synthetic surgical gloves NUZONE
Synthetic surgical gloves – Nuzone
Non-woven fabric shoe cover
Non-woven fabric shoe cover
Boot cover
Socks for boots
Body bag
Dress coat
Closed bedgown
Jacket trouser set
Isolation gown
Isolation gown
Visitor coat
Visitor coat
Nitrile gloves – Omega Line
Nitrile Gloves- AachenFortis
AachenFortis – strong nitrile gloves
synthetic vinyl glove in white.
White synthetic vinyl gloves – Aachen
black nitrile glove aachenfeel
Black nitrile glove – AachenFeel
Nitrile glove AachenPlus
AachenPlus – long nitrile gloves
Back closure isolation gown
Open bedgown
aachenclean gloves
AachenClean – strong latex gloves
guante vinilo azul alimentación
Blue vinyl gloves – Aachen
customized zip bags
Personalized Zip Bags
clear zip bag
Transparent Zip bag
freezing bag
Freezer Zip bag
bag to write
Zipper bag with white stripes
bag with stripes to write and hang hole
Zip bag with round hang hole and white stripes
bag with euro hang hole
Transparent Zip bag with euro hole
Zip bag round hang hole
Transparent bag with round hang hole
opaque zip bag colours


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