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Black nitrile glove – AachenFeel

Black coloured nitrile glove, non-sterile, ambidextrous, latex free, AachenFeel brand. Despite its greater strength and thickness, it maintains comfort and dexterity.

Recommended for Security Forces (Police, Security Guards, etc.), in the beauty sector (Tattoo studios, hairdressers, etc.), workshops, laboratories, industries in general (metal, steel, construction, metallurgy, …), or in any area in which chemicals, oils, greases, solvents, etc. are often handled.

Quality level AQL 1.0Compliance with European Standards EN 455 (1-2-3-4), EN 374 (1-2-3),  EN 388 and EN 420.

EU Declaration of conformity.


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disponsable black nitrile gloves - AachenFeel
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