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After six years (with a forced absence during the pandemic), under the motto “Welcome Home”, the world’s largest trade fair for the packaging industry is back in operation. From May 4 to 10, 2023, we have been to Düsseldorf to exhibit our wide range of products on this important business platform.

18 pavilions with specific exhibition areas, 2,807 exhibitors from 155 countries and 143,000 visitors have lived together learning about the latest in the sector, after these years of absence.


Interpack 2023 cv protection


Interpack 2023 CV Protection

Interpack 2023 CV Protection



Interpack 2023 CV Protection

We came with a lot of desire to be able to meet again in person with customers at this benchmark fair in the sector, and we hope it will help us to get new customers, but also to detect new products that we can include in our product catalogue.

Finally, we would like to thank our colleagues who have been during these 7 intense days of trade fair, giving 100% on behalf of Celulosas Vascas – CV Protection.


After several months of intense work by our Technical and Regulatory Department, CV Protection has obtained the ISO 13485:2016, certification that regulates the management system for the manufacture and sale of non-sterile gloves for examination and import of sterile gloves for surgical use.

cv protection iso 13485

This certification joins ISO 9001:2015, for Quality, and ISO 14001:2005, for the Environment, standards under which we were already certified more than 20 years ago.

We are pleased to share this achievement with all of you, customers, suppliers and partners, who encourage us to continue improving and to set ourselves new goals.

Finally, through these lines, we also want to convey our appreciation to our Quality Department for its great professional work.

We would like to share with you something that, due to the pandemic and to our workload, has gone unnoticed and have not be able to celebrate: At Celulosas Vascas we celebrate 40 years as a company!

CV PROTECTION 40 ANNIVERSARYMany things have changed since we started: from 4 to 46 people on staff; from a tiny local of a few meters, to more than 6,000m2; from selling to our closest regions to exporting to more than 20 countries… in addition to our logo!

CV PROTECTION LOGO THROUGH YEARSOur journey began in Erandio (Biscay), back in 1981, selling rolls of industrial cellulose to workshops and companies in the Basque Country, when it was a novel product that came to replace the traditional — and unsanitary — cloth rags.

Former headquarters of cv protection in Erandio

Former headquarters of cv protection in Erandio (Biscay)


Little by little, attending to our client’s needs, complementary products such as cellulose dispensers, soaps and hygiene products, containers, bins, etc., were incorporated, also having to attend to the new space needs that required this type of product, so the company moved to Sopelana.

cv protection pavillion in Sopelana

Former CV Protection pavilion in Sopelana

Continuing with this effort to find innovative products that would meet the needs of customers, those that nowadays mainly compose our catalog were incorporated: gloves, disposable clothing and zipper bags. This meant that, once again, we had to expand not only our facilities, moving to Derio, but also the workforce, incorporating new employees in areas such as the technical dpt, administration or the warehouse.

cv protection pavillion derio

Former CV Protection pavilion in Derio

As the volume of customers grew along with either the sales nor the geographical area of influence, we also added warehouses in Zamudio, Vitoria and Miranda de Ebro. In addition, we incorporated the brand name CV Protection into Celulosas Vascas, in pursuit of our internationalization process. After several years with multiple venues, it was decided to unify the different pavilions. Amorebieta was the place chosen, with a custom-made project, and great enthusiasm, that was the reflection of years of hard work and effort.

works cv protection headquarters amorebieta

Evolution of the works of the pavilion of the current headquarters of CV Protection, in Amorebieta

In 2008 we inaugurated our new headquarters in this strategic logistics enclave, with 6.300 m2 and space for over 7.000 pallets. We currently also count with 6 loading and unloading docks as well as an important fleet of commercial and transport vehicles.

CV Protection Headquarters Amorebieta

CV Protection Headquarters, Amorebieta

40 years bring a lot of good news but also sad ones, and that is why we did not want to end this post without remembering our colleagues – and friends-  that left us before their time, whom we miss every day and without whom we would not be where we are now… A special mention to our founding partner Gabriel Sanz, who left us last summer, after a life dedicated to building his dream. With his values and his way of life, he left a print in all of us. We truly hope that we will continue with his legacy and grow not only as a company but as people as well.

We also wanted to take the opportunity to thank all our customers for the trust they have placed in us all of these years: without you it could not have been possible. We hope we will keep on counting with it. You will continue to count with our full commitment and our personalized treatment, which are our hallmark.



The great demand for gloves caused by the current pandemic and the scarcity of these products in the market, has led to the appearance of a large number of scammers who want to take advantage of the needs of our customers.

We want to alert you that if you receive an offer of AACHEN gloves in large quantities, available for immediate delivery, at  suspiciously low prices compared to the current trend, from sellers or newcomers in the glove market, please contact us so that we can verify its veracity.

Likewise, there may be attempts to impersonate Celulosas Vascas SL – CV Protection, so we remind our clients that only emails sent from our domain “” are genuine.

In case you have been a victim or suspect that you may be receiving a fraudulent offer, please collect as much data as possible about it (identity of the author or authors, product, documents provided…) and contact us at the email address or by calling 944 520 115 to try to stop its spread.


After several years without attending this event, a world reference in the medical sector, we have returned with a lot of energy to answer all your queries.

This year, in addition, there has been a record of participation, with 5,500 stands from 69 countries and 121,000 international visitors (from 170 countries), being 90% of these people with decision-making capacity, which has been highly valued by the exhibitors.

These days, we have been able to show our disposable gloves and clothes, of different materials, sizes, thicknesses and colors, since we have more than 30 types of gloves and more than 500 references of disposable clothes, so it is easy for us to have the product that best suits your needs, do not hesitate to contact us!

We want to take the opportunity to show you some pictures of our stand, as well as to thank you for the time you have spent on it.

cv protection stand

cv protection team

cv protection gloves

cv protection clothes

cv protection disposable gloves

Our next stop will be INTERPACK 2020, also in Dusseldorf, at stand no. B06A, in Hall 7.1. We wait for you!

As you know, this is the leading fair for the world medical sector. This annual event, which includes fair and congress, is the forum where you can learn about the latest trends and scientific advances, in addition to the latest developments in medical products, which makes it the meeting point of the international medical industry. It receives around 120,000 visitors, 80% being international, and has more than 5,000 stands.

cv protection medica tradefair 2019

The sectors included are: Electro medicine / Medical Technology, Equipment for laboratories, Diagnostic technology, Physiotherapy and orthopedic technology, Information and communication technology and Medical services and publications. And the products that can be found range from laboratory equipment to diagnostic devices, physiotherapy or orthopedic technology, medical supplies, textile materials, consumables, electro medicine and medical technology, surgical equipment and technology, hospital furniture and equipment, information and technologies of communication, specialized services and publications, basic products and consumer goods.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for us to be present at this event, and we must put in value what differentiates us from other manufacturers: speed in service, versatility – being able to deliver from containers to simple pallets of different products -, the importance of being European at communication level and guarantee and technical quality in compliance with regulations.

The MEDICA 2019 fair will be held in Düsseldorf, from November 18 to 21, from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Our stand is D40, located in Hall 6.

From Celulosas Vascas-CV Protection we encourage you not only to visit this fair, but to stop by our stand and even to arrange a visit, since, as we have said, it is 4 days with a very intense volume of visitors and it is usually advisable to plan the agenda.

We´ll wait for you!

We have just returned from the the ISSA INTERCLEAN 2016 trade fair, in Holland, in which we have presented our latest developments of our products and met new people. CV Protection is grateful for the time you have spent with us at our stand.


cv protection interclean


We are trying to answer you requests as soon as possible and we expect to contact you in the next few days. Meantime,  you can check detailed information about our products (if you click on each photo below), or contact us directly.
black nitrile glove aachenfeel synthetic vinyl glove in white. Nitrile gloves AachenFortis to blog gloves- aachenprotec

aachenclean glovesBag with adhesive flapZip bagsBack closure isolation gown


As you might know, we have recently incorporated the nitrile glove AachenProtec to our range of gloves for high-risk practices, equivalent to the AachenGrip latex glove, to provide a nitrile/latex alternative within that range. In the same way, we did not want to deprive our users of the nitrile glove AachenFortis from a glove made of latex with similar features, but with the added benefits inherent to this material: that´s why the AachenClean was born.

aachenclean comparation tableThis table shows the differences between the 4 gloves of the “high risk” range. Besides the material, the fundamental difference is sensitivity to touch where the AachenClean highlights. Click on the image for full resolution.


Although both ranges (AachenGrip& AachenProtec  VS AachenClean& AachenFortis) are classified in the category of gloves for high-risk practices, the AachenClean and AachenFortis have a lower thickness, giving the user greater sensitivity, without losing protection. More specifically, the latex glove AachenClean is almost 50% thicker than the nitrile AachenFortis but, as the latex material is the one that best mimics the characteristics of the skin, the user does not lose touch. Additionally, it is our second longest glove behind AachenPlus, with a length of 300 mm.

Due to its thickness and extra resistance, this glove, as you may have guessed because of its name, is primarily directed to the cleaning and hygiene sector, because it withstands most chemicals and it can be used for long periods of time. Compared to the usual reusable latex glove we can find on the market, the AachenClean provides a greater comfort, because the sizing and elasticity allows a perfect hand fitting.

We are back from this edition of the FachPack Fair 2015, in which we have had the opportunity of meeting personally some of our clientes, as well as presenting our latest developments and meeting new people. CV Protection is grateful for the time you have spended with us at our stand.


stand fachpack cv protection 2015

As we told you in the blog article in which we informed about our participation in this Fair, we have presented our latest product developments, which are explained in detail if you click on each photo below:
black nitrile glove aachenfeel synthetic vinyl glove in white. Nitrile gloves AachenFortis to blog gloves- aachenprotec


aachenclean glovesBag with adhesive flapZip bagsBack closure isolation gown


We are trying to answer you requests as soon as possible and we expect to contact you in the next few days.



In this changing world in which technological advances set the standard, a new software is here to stay. Through this article, we want to introduce our Warehouse Management System (WMS) that has just been added to our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), as well as explain how the orders are processed.

What happens with the order since the reception until the delivery? Well, this process is not simple when you have over 1,000 different products, an average of 90 orders per day, and more than 6,000 m2 of warehouse.

Let´s start with some remarks to understand better the technological terms.

Read more