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The great demand for gloves caused by the current pandemic and the scarcity of these products in the market, has led to the appearance of a large number of scammers who want to take advantage of the needs of our customers.

We want to alert you that if you receive an offer of AACHEN gloves in large quantities, available for immediate delivery, at  suspiciously low prices compared to the current trend, from sellers or newcomers in the glove market, please contact us so that we can verify its veracity.

Likewise, there may be attempts to impersonate Celulosas Vascas SL – CV Protection, so we remind our clients that only emails sent from our domain “” are genuine.

In case you have been a victim or suspect that you may be receiving a fraudulent offer, please collect as much data as possible about it (identity of the author or authors, product, documents provided…) and contact us at the email address or by calling 944 520 115 to try to stop its spread.


As you might know, we have recently incorporated the nitrile glove AachenProtec to our range of gloves for high-risk practices, equivalent to the AachenGrip latex glove, to provide a nitrile/latex alternative within that range. In the same way, we did not want to deprive our users of the nitrile glove AachenFortis from a glove made of latex with similar features, but with the added benefits inherent to this material: that´s why the AachenClean was born.

aachenclean comparation tableThis table shows the differences between the 4 gloves of the “high risk” range. Besides the material, the fundamental difference is sensitivity to touch where the AachenClean highlights. Click on the image for full resolution.


Although both ranges (AachenGrip& AachenProtec  VS AachenClean& AachenFortis) are classified in the category of gloves for high-risk practices, the AachenClean and AachenFortis have a lower thickness, giving the user greater sensitivity, without losing protection. More specifically, the latex glove AachenClean is almost 50% thicker than the nitrile AachenFortis but, as the latex material is the one that best mimics the characteristics of the skin, the user does not lose touch. Additionally, it is our second longest glove behind AachenPlus, with a length of 300 mm.

Due to its thickness and extra resistance, this glove, as you may have guessed because of its name, is primarily directed to the cleaning and hygiene sector, because it withstands most chemicals and it can be used for long periods of time. Compared to the usual reusable latex glove we can find on the market, the AachenClean provides a greater comfort, because the sizing and elasticity allows a perfect hand fitting.

We are back from this edition of the FachPack Fair 2015, in which we have had the opportunity of meeting personally some of our clientes, as well as presenting our latest developments and meeting new people. CV Protection is grateful for the time you have spended with us at our stand.


stand fachpack cv protection 2015

As we told you in the blog article in which we informed about our participation in this Fair, we have presented our latest product developments, which are explained in detail if you click on each photo below:
black nitrile glove aachenfeel synthetic vinyl glove in white. Nitrile gloves AachenFortis to blog gloves- aachenprotec


aachenclean glovesBag with adhesive flapZip bagsBack closure isolation gown


We are trying to answer you requests as soon as possible and we expect to contact you in the next few days.



black nitrile glove aachenfeel

We are pleased to present you a new glove which increases the range of nitrile gloves: AachenFeel Black.

This glove is equivalent in its properties to AachenFeel Premium, being the only difference between them the colour of the material.

As you probably Know nitrile gloves of AachenFeel Premium range have extra thickness, elasticity and resistance. They are approximately a 20 % more resistant to breakage than conventional nitrile gloves. Moreover, they bear the same tensile stress.

As conventional nitrile glove Aachen and AachenFeel, AachenFeel Premium follows the following regulations:

EN-374 (1-2-3) – Protection gloves against chemical products and microorganisms.

UNE-EN-455 (1-2-3) – Disposable Medical gloves.

EN 420 – Protection gloves.

EN 388 – Protection gloves against mechanical nitrile globe cv protection

ASTM D 6978/05 – Chemotherapy drugs permeation test.

ASTM F 1671 – Viral Penetration Test.

For all of these properties, including their colour, it is advisable to use them in Security Forces (Police, Guards, Emergencies, etc.), Cosmetic and Beauty Centres (Tattoos, Dyes, etc.), Automotive Garages, Laboratories, Industries in general (metal, steel, building, metallurgical, etc.), or in any area where chemical products, oil, fat, dissolvent products, etc. are used frequently.

As all our nitrile gloves, these have a chlorinated internal surface which makes easier to put them on without the need of powder, they are exempt from natural latex and have an AQL quality level of 1.0.

On September 24,25 and 26 , Nuremberg (Germany) hosted the important packaging fair “Fach Pack 2013”, where CV Protection took part as exhibitor.

STandThis encounter gathers leading companies worlwide, where they can share their latest products and trends in this area.

We wish to thank all those visitors who drop by our booth to inquire about our products, or just to know something about our company. We would also like to highlight the outstanding work of the organization, whose effort was crucial for the succes of the fair.