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Strong Nitrile Gloves – Aachen UltraGrip

Non-sterile nitrile gloves without powder, orange color, with long fist, brand Aachen Ultragrip. Quality level AQL 1.0. High resistance and protection.

Due to the thickness and high strength of the material, this glove provides the user an additional protection in high-risk practices. External surface texturedgoose bump” style, which improves the adherence in both dry and wet. Its comfort makes it, in addition, an ideal product for tasks in which chemical and/or abrasive products are frequently handled and the labor time is prolonged. It is suitable for domestic use, in cleaning and maintenance, food industry, laboratories, workshops, chemical industries, healthcare sector, etc.

Complies with EN 455 (1-2-3), ASTM D 6319, ASTM D 6124 and ISO 13485, 9001 and 14001.

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disponsable nitrile gloves - aachen ultragrip
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