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New product: Nitrile glove Aachen Protect

On this occasion, we will go into detail about a glove that is available some time ago, but we have not yet had the opportunity to present through the blog. It is a new nitrile glove, natural latex´s protein-free, ideal for people with latex allergies. In this sense, this glove is just to cover the need the users had of having a glove equivalent to the AachenGrip one, but without latex: the nitrile glove AachenProtect.

As the AachenGrip one, it has an extra thickness and strength, which gives the user additional protection in high-risk practices. The breaking strength of the glove AachenProtect is 3 times higher than the conventional nitrile glove´s, and has the same tensile strength. Compared to its equivalent in latex, the latter is 25% more resistant to breakage, but that is because the elasticity of latex, which nitrile can not match, but can approach. Both have similar thicknesses, around 25% thicker than a conventional glove of nitrile or latex, and an AQL of 1.5.

 It is essentially oriented to two sectors: on the one hand, the food industry, because the fact of being free from natural latex makes it ideal for this sector, considering that the contact of the latex with food is discouraged by the Spanish Agency for Safety food (AESAN), even though it is suitable. Besides, the nitrile has a better performance with animal and vegetable fats that the latex. On the other hand, the industrial sector, recommended for tasks in which the contact with chemicals and/or abrasives is usual and the labor time is prolonged. It is also suitable for domestic use, cleaning and maintenance, laboratories, workshops, chemical industries, etc.

 It has also been certified as PPE Category III for protection against chemicals and microorganisms under standard EN 374 / 1-2-3 and has passed the test of Migration for materials in contact with food, under the standard EN 1186: 2002.

 For all these properties described, even when classified in the category of single-use gloves, depending to which activities, this is a glove that could be reused, as long as the conditions of hygiene and safety were guaranteed. For best advice in this regard, it is preferable for the users to consult our qualified staff through the usual channels, or if you prefer, to contact us directly through this link.


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