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Pictograms in product labeling

Meaning and Implementation

A pictogram is a graphic representation design to inform or to signal something in a visual an simplified way.

The products around us have several icons with information about their essential characteristics. This information must be true, verified, demonstrable and easy to understand by the consumer.

The pictograms are useful for a quick-understanding about the basic information of the product (security, protection, instructions, composition, dangers, recycling, etc.) without reading the instructions,  that sometimes are difficult or in a language that the consumer isn´t fluent in.

Nevertheless, could it happen that the consumer doesn´t know or doesn´t understand the meaning of some of the most common pictograms. Due to that, as in CV Protection we think that the comprehension of the pictograms helps the consumer in the buying decision process and it´s indispensable for the correct use of the items, we have made a table, attached bellow, to explain the meaning of the most common pictograms we can find in some of our products.

Pictograms in product labeling


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