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Type of glove depending on its use (3/3)

Having Explained and differentiated the most common materials of disposable gloves family, and having analyzed the general properties of each material, the question is: “And how do I know when I have to wear a glove and not another one?” To answer this question, we have prepared the following table, in which the most common uses depending on the type of glove are shown. This table is illustrative and is based on the technical characteristics and specific properties of our gloves, accredited by the laboratory tests, and can´t be extrapolated to other gloves on the market in no way. Contact us for a personalized and tailored response to your requirements.

Type of glove depending on its use

* This category is very general, so they are only mentioned those gloves that have extra protection, so it would have to be specified the precise use required.

* Based on the results of migration, Latex is considered suitable for contact with food, but its use is discouraged by the Spanish Agency for Food Safety (AESAN), because of potential risk of  latex protein migration to food.


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